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Our Equipment

    My Equipment includes: one 2008 R75 with a NH-Honeybee 36' flex-draper, Tractor and Kinze 840 grain cart (which my dad actually owns) '98 Volvo semi-tractor and two 43' Wilson trailers & a '96 Jantz 53' combine trailer. Dad's '88 Volvo pulls it normally. My 2004 Chevy ton service truck & supporting header trailers with a 8row 30" corn head (1998 I believe it is). We stay in a 5th wheel camper normally that my folks own.

Welcome to Beck Brothers Harvesting

    This will be my 18th harvest in a row. The first three years I went with Dale Beneke out of Bushton, KS in the summers mainly till I graduated college (Emporia State University). Then the next 5 years I started a grain trucking business called Lucky Trucking (named for our best bird dog). I would haul grain for local elevators and farmers in the winter time and go with Dale during the summer and get my fair share for my truck and my help. Then in 2000 he retired and my brother Jeff and I purchased his combines and service truck then went on the same basic route he had established those many years. By then, I knew those folks pretty well. My brother and his family decided to stay home more, now that their kids were getting school age. So I went from a two combine operation to one.
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